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  Miraty 405e073d9f Add config.yaml.php and translate some strings of code in english 4 weeks ago
  Miraty 4eb11a1785 Add an option to force used locale in config.inc.php 1 month ago
  Miraty 3356db6555 Adds i18n, english l10n, CHANGELOG and lesserphp instead of lessphp 4 months ago
  Miraty 47da216738 backend en anglais + vérification améliorée des params 8 months ago
  Miraty 0f883cf573 POST > GET ; defaut > dark 10 months ago
  Miraty f32ba315ef D 1 year ago
  Miraty 3391e6fad9 Presque rien 1 year ago
  Miraty cb782988d4 WebManifest 1 year ago
  Miraty 8a2a605f45 Ajout de la recherche OpenSearch 1 year ago