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Miraty d45ebbea70 Add Indonesian translation 3 months ago
Miraty f205f36b80 Set minimum QR code size at 21 7 months ago
Miraty fc02a7e3da Release 2.0.0 8 months ago
Miraty a706b97a1c Generate QR code before outputting anything 8 months ago
Miraty d0f211f61e Handle errors when generating QR codes 8 months ago
Miraty 80aa7f5e95 Delete big unused file 8 months ago
Miraty 8814307d86 Update composer 8 months ago
Miraty 5e455c1499 Update README 8 months ago
Miraty fdfa947fc0 Fix size and margin placeholders 8 months ago
Miraty 8fdfb1b0a0 mainColor > fgColor 8 months ago
Miraty 449d9634db Set default value for size and margin, fix $qrSize 8 months ago
Miraty acc7409bfe Fix bug when all requested locales are unavailable + automatically list locales 8 months ago
Miraty 68cbec8a8d Use tabs instead of spaces, better indentation 8 months ago
Miraty 147a25c93f Use composer and change QR code generation library 8 months ago
Miraty 6832804dc0 New CSS layout 11 months ago
Miraty b9af8aced5 Remove unused translated strings 11 months ago
Miraty 9b147ecc37 Update README about themes and add security hardening section 11 months ago
Miraty 0fd25abfd2 Add data: URI to changelog 11 months ago
Miraty f6dbce3b97 Merge main and body 11 months ago
Miraty 108da9d050 Adequate cursors 11 months ago
Miraty bcab1baadf Remove unused code 11 months ago
Miraty c990ca46fb Remove and config.yaml.php 11 months ago
Miraty 0e43cf9f30 Remove manifest from CSP 11 months ago
Miraty 3fdd6f5eab Return HTTP 400 when rejecting form submission 11 months ago
Miraty 117cd96f1b Remove old README info 11 months ago
Miraty e235c61bf6 High contrast default theme 11 months ago
Miraty 8761d0e33a New and fuse inc.php in index.php 11 months ago
Miraty 05da7e24a7 Remove the WebManifest 11 months ago
Miraty 4328b2aea7 Remove the OpenSearch plugin 11 months ago
Miraty 42bf2ec578 Fix borders width when hovering and focusing 12 months ago
Miraty c49e34b2c2 redondancy > redundancy 12 months ago
Miraty dd2afe6967 Dashed help border 12 months ago
Miraty d65cace611 Don't resize elements on hover and focus 1 year ago
Miraty 6abf28f9f1 Fix footer at bottom 1 year ago
Miraty f8a91ee788 CSS are only meant for screens 1 year ago
Miraty e45f1f0b67 Fix background and foreground colors being sometimes inverted 1 year ago
Miraty cd3adddee8 Jump to the QR code page fragment when generated 1 year ago
Miraty d818822ade Add $validFormSubmitted 1 year ago
Miraty 2a6a4ad056 Add a CSS corner if the contrast between QR margin and page background is too low 1 year ago
Miraty fa72b74713 Add manifest-src to CSP 1 year ago
Miraty be39fff8b2 Display logo using data uri as CSS background-image 1 year ago
Miraty 51b3b58c3a Better help texts 1 year ago
Miraty 3a6851238c Add HTML metadata 1 year ago
Miraty 5697363739 Add a license notice to every file that is part of LibreQR 1 year ago
Miraty b280d85a4a Better UI for save button 1 year ago
Miraty 69d172a8d8 Allow empty automatic sizes + better HTML semantics and forms 1 year ago
Miraty 5de9221d22 Fix footer at bottom 1 year ago
Miraty 57240e3631 Move temp/ to css/ and remove old unused code 1 year ago
Miraty 2f2ce4ab4f Move some statements 1 year ago
Miraty 95e143f311 Merge pull request 'Change the QR code generation library' (#14) from barcode-generator into main 1 year ago