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Miraty 6832804dc0 New CSS layout 3 months ago
Miraty 9b147ecc37 Update README about themes and add security hardening section 3 months ago
Miraty 117cd96f1b Remove old README info 3 months ago
Miraty 05da7e24a7 Remove the WebManifest 3 months ago
Miraty 4328b2aea7 Remove the OpenSearch plugin 3 months ago
Miraty 57240e3631 Move temp/ to css/ and remove old unused code 7 months ago
Miraty 0434534971 Change the QR code generation library 7 months ago
Miraty b4ae9acb4f Use POST instead of GET 11 months ago
Miraty 16c446868b Change default qr codes expiration delay from 7 days to 2 days 1 year ago
Miraty 6ced4390e7 Remove Ubuntu font 1 year ago
Miraty 0ebc1387f4 Use less.php instead of lesserphp 1 year ago
Miraty e7335d7f77 Update READMEs to the latest release 1 year ago
Miraty b59827821e
Translate the README 2 years ago
Miraty 3356db6555 Adds i18n, english l10n, CHANGELOG and lesserphp instead of lessphp 2 years ago
Miraty 842c214fd3 Add explanations in README 2 years ago
Miraty 23109aa647
Update README 2 years ago
Miraty b6827bcd36
Update source code URL 2 years ago
Miraty 4106ef5818 Fix readme icon 2 2 years ago
Miraty 1e94b615ed Fix readme icon 2 years ago
Miraty 47da216738 backend en anglais + vérification améliorée des params 2 years ago
Miraty 0f883cf573 POST > GET ; defaut > dark 2 years ago
Miraty 07a2b77a7f Mise à jour README 3 years ago
Miraty f32ba315ef D 3 years ago
Miraty 0c92d3a78e Ajout du header 3 years ago
Ant c90acff9aa Initial commit 3 years ago