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Miraty 6832804dc0 New CSS layout 2 months ago
Miraty f6dbce3b97 Merge main and body 3 months ago
Miraty bcab1baadf Remove unused code 3 months ago
Miraty 0e43cf9f30 Remove manifest from CSP 3 months ago
Miraty 3fdd6f5eab Return HTTP 400 when rejecting form submission 3 months ago
Miraty 8761d0e33a New config.inc.php and fuse inc.php in index.php 3 months ago
Miraty 05da7e24a7 Remove the WebManifest 3 months ago
Miraty 4328b2aea7 Remove the OpenSearch plugin 3 months ago
Miraty c49e34b2c2 redondancy > redundancy 3 months ago
Miraty f8a91ee788 CSS are only meant for screens 5 months ago
Miraty cd3adddee8 Jump to the QR code page fragment when generated 5 months ago
Miraty d818822ade Add $validFormSubmitted 5 months ago
Miraty 2a6a4ad056 Add a CSS corner if the contrast between QR margin and page background is too low 5 months ago
Miraty fa72b74713 Add manifest-src to CSP 5 months ago
Miraty be39fff8b2 Display logo using data uri as CSS background-image 5 months ago
Miraty 3a6851238c Add HTML metadata 6 months ago
Miraty 5697363739 Add a license notice to every file that is part of LibreQR 6 months ago
Miraty 69d172a8d8 Allow empty automatic sizes + better HTML semantics and forms 7 months ago
Miraty 57240e3631 Move temp/ to css/ and remove old unused code 7 months ago
Miraty 2f2ce4ab4f Move some statements 7 months ago
Miraty 0434534971 Change the QR code generation library 7 months ago
Miraty 1527c1852f Use the example TLD (as per RFC 2606) 7 months ago
Miraty bd443a1060 Fix CSS layout 10 months ago
Miraty b4ae9acb4f Use POST instead of GET 10 months ago
Miraty 8b1692c35c Remove old disabled code 1 year ago
Miraty 50a079ab24 Use number input type instead of select for image and margin sizes 1 year ago
Miraty b4aefde885 Remove hexdec() format warning in PHP 8 1 year ago
Miraty 82e77cdb99 Use prefers-color-scheme to let the client make the light/dark choice 1 year ago
Miraty 9944bfbb82 Use HTML summary/details to display help text 1 year ago
Miraty 6ced4390e7 Remove Ubuntu font 1 year ago
Miraty 0ebc1387f4 Use less.php instead of lesserphp 1 year ago
Miraty ff3888493a Fix root path variable name 2 years ago
Miraty de6f3fd1c1 Remove an isolated </div> 2 years ago
Miraty 57c8594818 Move style.min.css to temp/style.min.css 2 years ago
Miraty 405e073d9f Add config.yaml.php and translate some strings of code in english 2 years ago
Miraty 2ed60ba3ed Meta texts at the bottom of the page 2 years ago
Miraty 3356db6555 Adds i18n, english l10n, CHANGELOG and lesserphp instead of lessphp 2 years ago
Miraty 880027ce31 Fix help button when using hexadecimal instead of keyword color 2 years ago
Miraty 46ac7fdce1
Fix help button when SVG is disabled 2 years ago
Miraty 925335b6f9
Fix style.min.css updating 2 years ago
Miraty b6827bcd36
Update source code URL 2 years ago
Miraty 3e3ad169b8 Minor fixes 2 years ago
Miraty cf444dab3f Fix updating minimized css bug 2 years ago
Miraty 0bbbbcbf77 Fix theme 2 years ago
Miraty 8777698f28 Rename aide.svg > help.svg.php 2 years ago
Miraty 2edcfd9acc Fix git bug 2 years ago
Miraty 47da216738 backend en anglais + vérification améliorée des params 2 years ago
Miraty 0f883cf573 POST > GET ; defaut > dark 2 years ago
Miraty ef7b86e04d Retrait de gettext 3 years ago
Miraty f32ba315ef D 3 years ago