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Miraty 6abf28f9f1 Fix footer at bottom 6 months ago
Miraty f8a91ee788 CSS are only meant for screens 6 months ago
Miraty e45f1f0b67 Fix background and foreground colors being sometimes inverted 7 months ago
Miraty cd3adddee8 Jump to the QR code page fragment when generated 7 months ago
Miraty d818822ade Add $validFormSubmitted 7 months ago
Miraty 2a6a4ad056 Add a CSS corner if the contrast between QR margin and page background is too low 7 months ago
Miraty fa72b74713 Add manifest-src to CSP 7 months ago
Miraty be39fff8b2 Display logo using data uri as CSS background-image 7 months ago
Miraty 51b3b58c3a Better help texts 7 months ago
Miraty 3a6851238c Add HTML metadata 7 months ago
Miraty 5697363739 Add a license notice to every file that is part of LibreQR 7 months ago
Miraty b280d85a4a Better UI for save button 7 months ago
Miraty 69d172a8d8 Allow empty automatic sizes + better HTML semantics and forms 8 months ago
Miraty 5de9221d22 Fix footer at bottom 8 months ago
Miraty 57240e3631 Move temp/ to css/ and remove old unused code 8 months ago
Miraty 2f2ce4ab4f Move some statements 8 months ago
Miraty 95e143f311 Merge pull request 'Change the QR code generation library' (#14) from barcode-generator into main 8 months ago
Miraty 0434534971 Change the QR code generation library 8 months ago
Miraty 6cb9d88215 Remove unused ressources 8 months ago
Miraty 1527c1852f Use the example TLD (as per RFC 2606) 8 months ago
Miraty d1774ac141 Merge pull request 'Use POST instead of GET' (#13) from post into main 8 months ago
Miraty 38401ffe33 Factorize .helpText and fix it's width 11 months ago
Miraty 65f5828b6e Remove header title link full width 11 months ago
Miraty 9a99331612 Fix OpenSearch plugin 12 months ago
Miraty 70fe23d053 Check Accept-Language existence before use 12 months ago
Miraty bd443a1060 Fix CSS layout 12 months ago
Miraty b4ae9acb4f Use POST instead of GET 12 months ago
Miraty 58aed892d8 Fix "Only apply transition to border's color" 1 year ago
Miraty 8b1692c35c Remove old disabled code 1 year ago
Miraty beaa29802e Only apply transition to border's color 1 year ago
Miraty 50a079ab24 Use number input type instead of select for image and margin sizes 1 year ago
Miraty b009740d6a Add textarea-specific text color settings 1 year ago
Miraty 615e6d223f Add support for PHP 8.0 1 year ago
Miraty b4aefde885 Remove hexdec() format warning in PHP 8 1 year ago
Miraty 70c6bbf3b9 Remove depreciation warning in phpqrcode for PHP 8 1 year ago
Miraty be00440cfe Add prefers-color-scheme to the Changelog 1 year ago
Miraty 16c446868b Change default qr codes expiration delay from 7 days to 2 days 1 year ago
Miraty 82e77cdb99 Use prefers-color-scheme to let the client make the light/dark choice 1 year ago
Miraty 9944bfbb82 Use HTML summary/details to display help text 1 year ago
Miraty 6ced4390e7 Remove Ubuntu font 1 year ago
Miraty 341ab22dce Add occitan in changelog 1 year ago
Miraty e653821578 Update changelog 1 year ago
Miraty 0ebc1387f4 Use less.php instead of lesserphp 1 year ago
Miraty e7335d7f77 Update READMEs to the latest release 2 years ago
Miraty c51215a2d9 Add occitan to available languages 2 years ago
Miraty 740e04a47c Merge pull request 'First translation into Occitan' (#10) from quentin/libreqr:master into master 2 years ago
quentin 049dcca74a First translation into Occitan 2 years ago
Miraty eaee58c93d Merge pull request 'Fixed minor typography stuff.' (#6) from Cpm/libreqr:cpm-typo1 into master 2 years ago
Christian P. MOMON e49691a752 Reverted the + moved in license link. 2 years ago
Christian P. MOMON dd83bfd8af Replaced ... by … in english local file. 2 years ago