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Miraty b009740d6a Add textarea-specific text color settings 7 months ago
Miraty 82e77cdb99 Use prefers-color-scheme to let the client make the light/dark choice 9 months ago
Miraty bca48487c2 More contrast with secondary texts 1 year ago
Miraty 23109aa647
Update README 2 years ago
Miraty 0715a0e907 Enhances contrast for Parinux's theme 2 years ago
Miraty 92846965f4 Allow upgrading opensearch plugin from LibreQR 1.1.0 + use standardised opensearch parameters 2 years ago
Miraty 0bbbbcbf77 Fix theme 2 years ago
Miraty 47da216738 backend en anglais + vérification améliorée des params 2 years ago
Miraty 0f883cf573 POST > GET ; defaut > dark 2 years ago
Miraty f32ba315ef D 2 years ago
Miraty cb782988d4 WebManifest 3 years ago
Miraty 9ce259cfa0 Modif de la structure du header 3 years ago
Miraty 25ed11aada Compil Less en PHP côté serveur + favicons thémés en plusieurs définitions 3 years ago