PHP Web interface for generating QR codes
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  • PHP 8.0 support: Drop use of curly braces for sub-string eval (James D. Forrester)
  • Make Directive::__construct $rules arg optional (fix PHP 7.4 warning) (Sam Reed)
  • ProcessExtends: Improve performance by using a map for selectors and parents (Andrey Legayev)
  • build: Run CI tests on PHP 8.0 too (James D. Forrester)
  • code: Fix PSR12.Properties.ConstantVisibility.NotFound (Sam Reed)


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  • Raise PHP requirement from 7.1 to 7.2.9 (James Forrester)
  • build: Upgrade phpunit to ^8.5 and make pass (James Forrester)
  • build: Install php-parallel-lint (James Forrester)
  • build: Install minus-x and make pass (James Forrester)


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  • Relax PHP requirement down to 7.1, from 7.2.9 (Franz Liedke)
  • Reflect recent breaking changes properly with the semantic versioning (James Forrester)


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  • Require PHP 7.2.9+, up from 5.3+ (James Forrester)
  • Release: Update Version.php with the current release ID (COBadger)
  • Fix access array offset on value of type null (Michele Locati)
  • Fixed test suite on PHP 7.4 (Sergei Morozov)
  • docs: Fix 1.8.1 "All changes" link (Timo Tijhof)



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  • Wikimedia fork
  • Supports up to PHP 7.3
  • No longer tested against PHP 5, though it's still remains allowed in composer.json for HHVM compatibility
  • Switched to semantic versioning, hence version numbers now use 3 digits

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  • set bin/lessc bit executable
  • Add 'gettingVariables' method in Less_Parser

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  • Fix realpath issue (windows)
  • Set Less_Tree_Call property back to public ( Fix 258 266 267 issues from oyejorge/less.php)

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  • Add indentation option
  • Add 'optional' modifier for @import
  • fix $color in Exception messages
  • don't use set_time_limit when running cli
  • take relative-url into account when building the cache filename
  • urlArgs should be string no array()
  • add bug-report fixtures #6dc898f
  • fix #269, missing on NameValue type #a8dac63

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  • Remove space at beginning of Version.php
  • Revert require() paths in test interface