PHP Web interface for generating QR codes
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$loc = array(
'subtitle' => "QR codes generator",
'description' => "Generate QR codes freely. Choose content, size, colors...",
'label_content' => "Text to encode",
'label_redondancy' => "Redondancy rate",
'label_margin' => "Margin size",
'label_size' => "Image size",
'label_bgColor' => "Background color",
'label_mainColor' => "Foreground color",
'placeholder' => "Enter the text to encode in the QR code",
'value_default' => "default",
'help_content' => "
You can only encode whatever text you want.<br>
Softwares which decode these QR codes could suggest to open them with dedicated software, depending on their <a href=''>URI scheme</a>.<br><br>
For instance, to open a webpage:<br>
To send an email:<br>
To share geographic coordinates:<br>
To call a phone number:<br>
'help_redondancy' => "Redundancy is the duplication of information in the QR code to correct errors during decoding. A higher rate will produce a bigger QR code, but will have a better chance of being decoded correctly.",
'help_margin' => "Number of pixels in the white bands around the QR code.",
'help_size' => "By how much will the dimensions of the image be multiplied?",
'button_create' => "Generate",
'button_download' => "Download this QR code",
'title_showOnlyQR' => "Show this QR code only",
'alt_help' => "Help",
'alt_QR_before' => 'QR code meaning "',
'alt_QR_after' => '"',
'metaText_qr' => "
<h3>What's a QR code?</h3>
A QR code is a 2 dimensions barcode in which a text is written in binary. It can be decoded with a device equipped with a photo sensor and an adequate software.
<a href=''>QR code on Wikipedia</a>
'metaText_legal' => "LibreQR " . $libreqrVersion . " is a free software whose <a href=''>source code</a> is available under the terms of the <abbr title='GNU Affero General Public License version 3 or any later version'><a href='LICENSE.html'>AGPLv3</a>+</abbr>.",
'opensearch_description' => "Generate QR codes from your search or address bar",
'opensearch_actionName' => "Generate QR codes from your search or address bar",