Site Web en PHP pour présenter des photos
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v2.x - Maintenance Mode

No new features are being worked on for v2.x.

v3.0 - In Brainstorming Phase

Not planned for v3.0 The goal of this script from it's beginnings till today is to to provide a better image viewing experience.

  • HTML or video content. If you need to show html or video content, I recommend googling for an alternative script as there are many options.
  • Social sharing buttons.

Image Support

  • Investigate srcset and <picture>


  • Add touch gesture support.
  • Exploring using tilt gesture on mobile devices with extra-wide images.
  • If user attempts to go forward when at end of image set, animation (shake?) indicating the end or option to close Lightbox.
  • Make sure right-click/long pressing works to access the image's context menu.


  • Allow vertical centering.
  • Update sizing on window resize.
  • Should the dev be able to choose the position of the caption, close button, and nav controls?
  • Optimize layout for mobile.
  • Optimize layout for screens of varying densities.
  • Should the close button still live in the bottom right corner?


  • Evaluate start, end, and transition animations.
  • Rewrite animations for performance and flexibility.


  • Use inline SVG for UI elements.


  • Review if and how images should be preloaded

Error Handling

  • What happens when an image url is incorrect?
  • What happens when an image takes too long to load?


  • Should opening lightbox update the url? and should this url be parsed on page load to show Lightbox automatically?
  • Review alt attributes.
  • Review ARIA roles.
  • Review constrast ratios.
  • Review keyboard input and tabbing.
  • Review click/touch target size.
  • Test with screen reader.


  • Do not initialize automatically and allow multiple instances.
  • Add event handlers.
  • Allow setting options on the fly.
  • Allow the setting of options from HTML?
  • Evaluate preloading and caching.
  • Allow placement inside of a specified element? Orig feature requester was dealing with iframe.


  • Drop jQuery requirement.