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mkht.php is a PHP script for building Gemini, Markdown and HTML/CSS sites from source documents in Gemini, Markdown, HTML, PHP, CSS and Less.


Place your pages tree in /src/*/*.(gmi|md).

Optionnal files:

  • /config.ini
  • /style.less
  • /logo.png
  • /head.inc.html
  • /footer.inc.html

mkht.php <site path> <destination >

destination is optionnal and can be:

  • dns if you want local links without exensions
  • onion if you want links ending with .onion when available


Pages in /srccan use Gemini (if using gmi extension), Markdown, HTML and PHP.


  • /*/*.gmi (if using .gmi extension in /src)
  • /*/*.md
  • /*/*.html
  • /*/*.gz

Note that format translation is only done in the following order: Gemini > Markdown > HTML, which means that the last of the previous format you will use will be the first that will be readable by hypertext browsers. (PHP is executed before.)

External dependencies

  • PHP
  • gzip
  • find

Internal libraries used

Name Description Source
less.php Compilateur Less en PHP https://github.com/wikimedia/less.php
parsedown Compilateur Markdown en PHP https://parsedown.org