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This webfont is generated by http://fontello.com open source project.

Please, note, that you should obey original font licenses, used to make this
webfont pack. Details available in LICENSE.txt file.

- Usually, it's enough to publish content of LICENSE.txt file somewhere on your
site in "About" section.

- If your project is open-source, usually, it will be ok to make LICENSE.txt
file publicly available in your repository.

- Fonts, used in Fontello, don't require a clickable link on your site.
But any kind of additional authors crediting is welcome.

Comments on archive content

- /font/* - fonts in different formats

- /css/* - different kinds of css, for all situations. Should be ok with
twitter bootstrap. Also, you can skip <i> style and assign icon classes
directly to text elements, if you don't mind about IE7.

- demo.html - demo file, to show your webfont content

- LICENSE.txt - license info about source fonts, used to build your one.

- config.json - keeps your settings. You can import it back into fontello
anytime, to continue your work

Why so many CSS files ?

Because we like to fit all your needs :)

- basic file, <your_font_name>.css - is usually enough, it contains @font-face
and character code definitions

- *-ie7.css - if you need IE7 support, but still don't wish to put char codes
directly into html

- *-codes.css and *-ie7-codes.css - if you like to use your own @font-face
rules, but still wish to benefit from css generation. That can be very
convenient for automated asset build systems. When you need to update font -
no need to manually edit files, just override old version with archive
content. See fontello source code for examples.

- *-embedded.css - basic css file, but with embedded WOFF font, to avoid
CORS issues in Firefox and IE9+, when fonts are hosted on the separate domain.
We strongly recommend to resolve this issue by `Access-Control-Allow-Origin`
server headers. But if you ok with dirty hack - this file is for you. Note,
that data url moved to separate @font-face to avoid problems with <IE9, when
string is too long.

- animate.css - use it to get ideas about spinner rotation animation.

Attention for server setup

You MUST setup server to reply with proper `mime-types` for font files -
otherwise some browsers will fail to show fonts.

Usually, `apache` already has necessary settings, but `nginx` and other
webservers should be tuned. Here is list of mime types for our file extensions:

- `application/vnd.ms-fontobject` - eot
- `application/x-font-woff` - woff
- `application/x-font-ttf` - ttf
- `image/svg+xml` - svg