PHP Web interface for generating QR codes
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* 1.0.0 build 2010031920
- first public release
- help in readme, install
- cleanup ans separation of QRtools and QRspec
- now TCPDF binding requires minimal changes in TCPDF, having most of job
done in QRtools tcpdfBarcodeArray
- nicer QRtools::timeBenchmark output
- license and copyright notices in files
- indent cleanup - from tab to 4spc, keep it that way please :)
- sf project, repository, wiki
- simple code generator in index.php
* 1.1.0 build 2010032113
- added merge tool wich generate merged version of code
located in phpqrcode.php
- splited qrconst.php from qrlib.php
* 1.1.1 build 2010032405
- patch by Rick Seymour allowing saving PNG and displaying it at the same time
- added version info in VERSION file
- modified merge tool to include version info into generated file
- fixed e-mail in almost all head comments
* 1.1.2 build 2010032722
- full integration with TCPDF thanks to Nicola Asuni, it's author
- fixed bug with alphanumeric encoding detection
* 1.1.3 build 2010081807
- short opening tags replaced with standard ones
* 1.1.4 build 2010100721
- added missing static keyword QRinput::check (found by Luke Brookhart, Onjax LLC)