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ServNest system images generator

Updated 15 hours ago

Get the current StarDIT time and date

Updated 1 month ago

Site Web en PHP pour présenter des photos

Updated 2 months ago

PHP library and CLI tool to convert between Decimal Internet Time and local or UNIX time

Updated 3 months ago

The very start of an experimental HTTP/HTML browser.

Updated 4 months ago

PHP Web interface for generating QR codes

Updated 5 months ago

Privileged binary program for niver-php

Updated 6 months ago

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Niver's system configuration and documentation

Updated 6 months ago

Niver's user documentation

Updated 6 months ago

Le site Web d'Antopie

Updated 7 months ago

Hypertext sites generator

Updated 7 months ago

LibreQR package for YunoHost

Updated 7 months ago

Prints a lot of metadata available to the server when doing an HTTP request

Updated 11 months ago

My website! (currently pre-alpha)

Updated 1 year ago

L'ancien dépot du générateur de sites d'Antopie

Updated 1 year ago

An interpreter for brainfuck, and a compiler from a minimal C-like language to brainfuck.

Updated 3 years ago

Pourquoi tant de N en ce monde ?

Updated 3 years ago