Site Web en PHP pour présenter des photos
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  1. <!DOCTYPE html>
  2. <html lang="en-us">
  3. <head>
  4. <meta charset="utf-8">
  5. <title>Lightbox Example</title>
  6. <link rel="stylesheet" href="../dist/css/lightbox.min.css">
  7. </head>
  8. <body>
  9. <section>
  10. <h3>Two Individual Images</h3>
  11. <div>
  12. <a class="example-image-link" href="" data-lightbox="example-1"><img class="example-image" src="" alt="image-1" /></a>
  13. <a class="example-image-link" href="" data-lightbox="example-2" data-title="Optional caption."><img class="example-image" src="" alt="image-1"/></a>
  14. </div>
  15. <hr />
  16. <h3>A Four Image Set</h3>
  17. <div>
  18. <a class="example-image-link" href="" data-lightbox="example-set" data-title="Click the right half of the image to move forward."><img class="example-image" src="" alt=""/></a>
  19. <a class="example-image-link" href="" data-lightbox="example-set" data-title="Or press the right arrow on your keyboard."><img class="example-image" src="" alt="" /></a>
  20. <a class="example-image-link" href="" data-lightbox="example-set" data-title="The next image in the set is preloaded as you're viewing."><img class="example-image" src="" alt="" /></a>
  21. <a class="example-image-link" href="" data-lightbox="example-set" data-title="Click anywhere outside the image or the X to the right to close."><img class="example-image" src="" alt="" /></a>
  22. </div>
  23. </section>
  24. <section>
  25. <p>
  26. For more information, visit <a href=""></a>
  27. </p>
  28. </section>
  29. <script src="../dist/js/lightbox-plus-jquery.min.js"></script>
  30. </body>
  31. </html>