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Pourquoi tant de N en ce monde ?

Updated 3 years ago

Get the current StarDIT time and date

Updated 1 month ago

Site Web en PHP pour présenter des photos

Updated 2 months ago


Updated 3 years ago

The very start of an experimental HTTP/HTML browser.

Updated 4 months ago

Prints a lot of metadata available to the server when doing an HTTP request

Updated 11 months ago

PHP library and CLI tool to convert between Decimal Internet Time and local or UNIX time

Updated 4 months ago

PHP Web interface for generating QR codes

Updated 5 months ago

LibreQR package for YunoHost

Updated 7 months ago

Hypertext sites generator

Updated 7 months ago

PHP 3 1

L'ancien dépot du générateur de sites d'Antopie

Updated 1 year ago