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Miraty 04b15ae80d Add support for Gemtext 4 weeks ago
Miraty faeaa742ac Various changes 4 weeks ago
Miraty 7ac988ea20 Remove Konami/Gomez easter egg 1 month ago
Miraty 3bf94da058 Pass arguments via CLI instead of via HTTP 1 month ago
Miraty 28ccfa33c6 Konami-JS 1.6.1 > 1.6.2 1 month ago
Miraty fb07f496bd Nextcloud 20 Gio > 3 Gio 6 months ago
Miraty 189d089d0f Release antopie/img/docs 6 months ago
Miraty 6acd22615b Allow multiple sites generation 7 months ago
Miraty 924b21f524 Fix static-compress (absolute path) and remove lesserphp dir 9 months ago
Miraty 25de692e98 less.php, WebP, et plein d'autres trucs 9 months ago
Miraty 12c9c85c4e Riot > Element 1 year ago
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Miraty ded590f891 Précisions sur le fonctionnement du site Web 1 year ago
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Miraty ce2b09cabd
Make website static and markdown-based 1 year ago
Miraty bff42ed258 Détails techniques + manifeste sur le site, lessphp > lesserphp 1 year ago
Miraty 56ccbaac41 Remove Matomo 1 year ago
Miraty 5468691087 Fix visited links, add Matomo... 1 year ago
Miraty 3eed9ff87c Merge branch 'dev' of miraty/web into master 2 years ago
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Miraty 86e2a44f3d Doctype propre 2 years ago
Miraty 5a15d1ba0b hr dans le footer 2 years ago
Miraty eed4641008 Retrait du lien vers Pleroma 2 years ago
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Miraty 5ec718ee74 Nouveau logo + Zone cliquable plus petite 2 years ago
Miraty 3e3c645e3f ortho (syncroniser > synchroniser) 2 years ago
Miraty 7f56969b85 Fix LessPHP for PHP 7.4+ 2 years ago
Miraty ca2806a1ec Allégement du poinds du site + CSS adaptative 2 years ago
Miraty 2304dc2ae1 Retrait de service Pleroma 2 years ago
Miraty 48aaec3ede MAJ index.php 2 years ago
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